One of the happy moments was told by Ms.  Shinta Setiawan  from Surabaya. Starting from getting the Easy Shopping catalog, then Ms. Shinta learned more about Easy Shopping through the website. After getting information that Easy Shopping did exist ,  she finally dared to further order Easy Shopping products, starting from equipment products. cooking up to other household products. “When asked to send a testimonial, I tried to make it as well as possible, until finally I was contacted by Easy Shopping that I was declared the winner of 100 million rupiah”. Clearly Ms. Shinta.


This victory certainly brings blessings to customers who on May 31, 2018, were crowned winners. The Winner awarding ceremony was held at Santika Hotel, Slipi – West Jakarta, attended by Junedi, Chair of the Customer Award Committee, as well as Ronnie Sianturi Brand Ambassador.


Interviewed in the midst of the excitement of the event, Mr. Jeffry GA Hitipeuw, the 2nd prize winner from Bandung, West Java with a total prize of 30 million rupiah explained “I attended the program offered by Easy Shopping since three months ago, when it was declared a winner nomination , I keep on passion for shopping “. The money will be used to save coupons .


Surely the happiest among the two winners is Ms. Ellyzabeth Yulianto, the Main prize of 399 million rupiahs was achieved. The winner from Bekasi, West Java will use the money earned to renovate the house and meet household needs.